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It is exciting to be able to offer you the “NOW MADE IN AUSTRALIA” Omni Total Drop Table.

With our Australian made table we are keeping jobs in Australia. All the steel and components are made with Australian labor from the ground up through to completion and delivery. This assists our economy directly and helps many Australians stay employed. In addition, you don’t have the costs to bring the table from another country.

As far as the manufacture of the Omni Total Drop Table goes, nothing will surpass the Omni table in endurance, versatility, maintenance-free and effortless operation.

Many other tables in the marketplace use a hand locking or loading mechanism for the drop piece. This can be dangerous for the practitioner as it may damage their wrist, elbow or shoulder. The Omni Total Drop Tables are only foot-operated except for the pneumatic version which is just a simple foot switch, both taking away the risk of injury to the Chiropractor. It is beneficial for a practitioner to avoid a hand loading table.

Other tables are made with box steel and with welded joints which do not last as long, making them inferior to the quality of the Omni Total Drop Tables range. Our tables are made with all Australian steel ranging between 3 to 10 millimeters making it a far more durable and reliable table.

Scissor lift mechanisms are common among other table manufacturers and are dangerous to children and adults who can get arms and limbs caught within the scissor lift. The Omni table with its vertical lift has minimal external moving parts other than just a straight elevation column which makes it a much safer table to use. This lift mechanism can handle the highest sheer stress more than any other table in the marketplace.

The Omni Total Drop table is so named as all the drop pieces come standard with all the tables in our range; Cervical, Thoracic, lumbar and Pelvis. Many other tables have these items as accessories or add-ons which can be purchased at additional costs. Therefore the Omni Total Drop table is, an investment including these benefits at no additional costs to you.

The Omni Total Drop headpiece is unique; with its ability to mirror adjust a variety of postural distortions. The thoracic section has a removable section, to adjust a child, plus it can remain flat or be used in a raised postition for an anterior thoracic adjustments.

The pelvic section can be used in neutral or raised position. The drop mechanism can work in either setting. Therefore a pregnant client or someone with a large abdomen can be adjusted readily and easily. This is another special feature not offered on other tables.

The foot section of the table can be raised, so that leg length checks can be done easily without the practitioner bending. In addition, the foot plate can extend, giving support for the tallest clients.

What you will find with all of the Omni Tables is they come standard with all these amazing components. What you see is what you get!

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