We at Omni Tables Australia assist our international clients in receiving one of our tables from Australia to your country.  We do this as a service to help you better adjust your clients.  Our preference is to Air freight compared to Sea freight so let’s review both. You are always encouraged to get your own freight prices as it is not compulsory to use our freight forwarders.

Sea Freight

The term FOB means freight on board: – Indicating “FOB port” means that the seller pays for transportation of the goods to the port of shipment, plus loading costs. The buyer pays the cost of marine freight transport, insurance, unloading, and transportation from the arrival port to the destination.  This sis usually for a full container of goods and not for consolidated loads.  A consolidated load is when several separate items are loaded and then unloaded at the arrival port in one container.  Our tables are will changed Ex-Factory which means all costs associated with getting the goods from our factory to your door will be included in any quote we arrange for you.

When tables travel by sea, we package them into a separate timber crates for each table.  This incurs a additional charge of $200 for each table.  This is designed to protect your tables from the packing and repacking of a consolidated load (many different items in one container to fill it up).  We advise against top-loading on our tables.  This is when goods are stacked on top of our tables.  Shipping companies are trying to fill their consolidated containers so we cannot guarantee heavy items will be packed on top of your delivery.  This is normally how tables are damaged in transit when using sea freight.  In many cases the continuous vibration from the ship can also damage to a new table.  Therefore, by the time you pay the extra $200 per table to protect your table against the increased risk of damage plus the increased time to get your goods, in many cases Air-Freight works out Cheaper with less damage and your tables arrive sooner.  The caveat I would mention when larger numbers of tables are traveling together then Sea-Freight can become the preferred transit option.

I can get a sea freight quote so we can compare two exact items, but do not expect it to be much cheaper than the airfreight quote I have passed you.  We will have to pay to get your good to the shipping port which we usually pass to the client.  We are a table manufacturing company not a shipping company, so we charge only for our tables and add all additional fees we incur to the client.

Air Freight 

Air Freight can cost a lot less when there are only one or two tables.  As there is less transit times and we do not need to box the goods in a timber crate this can also reduce the fees.   There is normally less handling of the table so less risk of damage to a table.  You usually receive your table within a week anywhere in the world so you will be up and adjusting in no time.  It is hard to put a price on getting your goods quickly but if they improve your adjusting and services the sooner the better, I say.

Our freight quotes do not include import duty or taxes for your country. You can use the customs clearance agent we book your table with and they will assist you to calculate these fees, which vary from country to country. Alternatively, you can choose your own customs clearance agent.

For all international customers, our requirements are that your purchase must pay for in full prior to leaving Australia.

Once your table has arrived in your country, the delivery needs to be via a tail lift truck. We are unable to arrange internal delivery from Australia so you will be responsible for getting your table moved from your driveway to your premises.  We have found the customs agents can assist you with an internal delivery, but this can only be arranged by you in your country and the customs agent will guide you.

The unpacking, of your table (which is plug and play) plus the removal of rubbish is your responsibility.  Please note we provide several videos to guide you and assist your delivery people if you arrange an internal delivery.  Any changes for an additional delivery attempts may incur additional fees.

For overseas purchasers, tables will be purchased Australian dollars GST free.  Your specific Country Taxes will apply, for example, in New Zealand there is a 15% GST and in Singapore, 7.5%. Many countries may allow you to claim the duty back. Please check with your financial adviser in your country to guide you.

Peter Hobson

I have 30 years’ experience as the Principal Chiropractor in my multiple clinics throughout Southeast Queensland for over 30 years. 

We have been manufacturing the range of Omni Tables Australia on the Gold Coast Australia since 2012.  We are continuously improving and adding to our range of tables which includes our new Automatic Flexion-Distraction table. We ship our Tables internationally which include the UK, Ireland, Europe, India, Southeast Asia and New Zealand, plus all states of Australia.

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