HERE Chiropractors need to make sure that the tools used in treatment are completely clean.

Studies have established that chiropractic tables usually test positive for contaminants and pathogens such as bacteria and microbes. This can pose an eminent threat to your practice as a chiropractor.

If your chiropractic tables are not as clean, your patients might be exposed to diseases caused by pathogens, you definitely do not want that.  This is especially relevant with COVID-19.

To help you in keeping your Omni Chiropractic Tables clean and safe, here are a few important tips.

Know Your Omni Chiropractic Table

Our tables are made of high-quality vinyl and not leather therefore you do not need conditioning the vinyl like you do with leather. Our Stamskin Range has a 120,000 Martindale Cycles which is 3 times the wear of most commercial vinyls which are around 40,000.

Our Vinyls are a tough and resilient material and If maintained properly will last for many years. This saves you upholstery repairs. Please ensure you do not use chlorine or Alcohol based cleaners.

If maintained properly, your Omni Table covering can last for many trouble free years. This way, you can easily save on upholstery repairs, reupholstering and even buying new adjusting tables.  Please read this blog HERE from a recent survey many chiropractors are using a variety of items which is affecting the life of their tables.   

The Process Of Cleaning Omni Chiropractic Tables

First, lift all sections to give you access to all areas of your table, Click here to watch VIDEO.

Vacuum and remove any solids or dust particles.  We recommend BioHygene’s BevistoCryl which has been approved by our Vinyl manufacturer as the preferred cleaning agent. You should not use any harsh and abrasive cleaning solvents as these agents will damage the vinyl.

NEVER use a chlorine or alcohol-based products.

Mild, multipurpose cleaners are OK but one thing to remember before using any multipurpose cleaners other than BioHygene’s BevistoCryl is to test it on a hidden part your treatment table. This lets you see how these cleaning substances will affect the vinyl.

For stubbon stains use Serge Ferrari Cleaner 500  This Cleaner is a special conditioner plus is a dirt and stain remover.  Spray the affected area and depending on the severity leave for 2 to 3 minutes.

  • Regular hand washing and sanitizing protocol is also strongly recommended.
  • Avoid getting any liquid in the drop piece mechanism.
  • Do not use any harsh or abrasive cleaning solvents as this will damage your vinyl and paintwork.
  • Be wary of soapy detergents which can dry out your Vinyl
  • Occasionaly use a conditioner to maintain the softness of your vinyl or it can brittle and crack. 

Vinyls are not manufactured to endure cleaning after every client which many of us are doing during the COVID-19 Epidemic. please use the recommended products above or reduce life of your vinyl.

The Best Chiropractic Adjustment Tables In Australia

The heavy steel frame used on all Omni Chiropractic Tables makes it far superior to the competition. The Heavy-duty elevation motor on the Omni has a maximum lift rating of 400kg, and the three-stage column provides Omni Tables with greater stability and side loading for increased table life. The base of the Omni Tables is designed for the doctor to be able to move around the table without having the base interfere with movement.

Your Omni Chiropractic Table can only perform at their finest if you maintain them properly. Cleanliness is a big part of this. If you can make sure that your Omni Chiropractic Tables are always clean and disinfected, you keep your clients safe. This is consistent with our aim to guide them towards their optimum wellness.

For more information about the chiropractic secret weapon and how you can keep it clean and last longer, contact us today at Omni Tables.

Are your Clients Getting On and Off a Table Correctly?

To reduce wear on the Triangle section of your table please read this blog. As practitioners we need to advise clients how to always take care of their spine and this technique will help your clients and reduce wear on your table. HERE

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