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Stamskin Top, The “skin” Touch!

Stamskin is an unmatched range of composite materials with a unique aspect and feel.
Perfectly suited to both indoor and outdoor conditions, this range meets the most stringent requirements characterising:

  • applications involving intensive usage (buildings receiving the public, airports, community and catering facilities, etc.),
  • applications subject to specific technical constraints: yachting, medical and workplace furniture.


Stamskin, Swiss made

The Stamskin base cloth gives this composite material great flexibility, while ensuring its excellent deformation resistance. Watertight and solution-dyed, its multi-layer coating guarantees its durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Stamskin - Omni Tables

Stamskin allies unconventional aesthetics and performance for high-traffic areas thanks to its multi-layer coating and multiple treatments:

Technical advantages

  • Multi-layer coating ensuring durability and abrasion resistance, even under intensive usage
  • Solution-dyed for very high UV protection
  • Multiple antifungal and antimicrobial treatments: on surface and internal
  • High-performance anti-soiling treatment
  • Watertight
  • Fire rating: IMO standard
  • Highly flexible for curved surfaces
  • 100% recyclable
  • Sanitized guarantee

Aesthetic qualities and comfort in usage

  • Surface texture choices: simulated leather or satin
  • Unique feel
  • 47 references and colours
  • Hygiene and safety in locations subject to strict requirements (hospitals)
  • Minimal upkeep

Swiss Made Stamskin - Omni Tables


Discover Stamskin Top and Zen for your indoor and outdoor coverings

100% Stamskin, 100% new!

Offering the renowned advantages of Stamskin coverings, our new Stasmkin Zen range is totally innovative through 3 major characteristics:

  • New design – New aspect
  • Even more effective surface treatment
  • Compliance with the most stringent health standards

New design

Its extremely fine grain, satin finish contributes to your furniture’s contemporary design. 30 colours coordinated to the Batyline palette to create new combinations of solid and openwork materials in your designs.

New Flexcare treatment

This exclusive finish provides better protection against stains or fatty substances without reducing the composite’s flexibility to ensure hygiene and easy upkeep.

Flexcare treatment Stamskin - Omni Tables

Compliance with health standards

The Stamskin Zen range is Ökotex certified and meets cytotoxicity standards. Its phtalate-free formulation contributes to its excellent eco-identity assessment

Multiple applications

Medical chairs, massage and therapy tables, chairs, armchairs, sports hall furniture, indoor and outdoor furniture.

Stamskin ECO Friendly - Omni Tables


Stamskin, a material that’s so easy to clean

Stamskin cleaning recommendation in pictures

The unmatched elasticity, flexibility and extensive colour range of the Stamskin synthetic leather range makes it the reference upholstery material selected by leading brands in collective, medical, café-hotel-restaurant and professional indoor and outdoor furniture markets.

Resistant, durable and aesthetic, Stamskin is also a material that is extremely simple and easy to clean by simply washing with Cleaner 500 to restore the fabric’s original appearance.

Cleaning recommendation Stamskin

  • Spray Cleaner 500 on the surface
  • Let cleaning solution sit 2 to 3 minutes
  • Use a soft bristle; brush the surface repeatedly in a circular motion. Do not rub the area backwards and forwards
  • Let stand one more minute
  • Remove cleaner residue with a damp sponge
  • Wipe with a dry cloth

Stamskin advantages

  • easy maintenance
  • lasting aesthetics
  • easy to live material


Stamskin Top: A revolutionary process underpinned by “Swiss Made” technology

Serge Ferrari is proud to announce the launching of its new Stamskin Top range. Designed to resist the harshest environments (outdoor, medical, contract, yachting, etc.), Stamskin Top offers exceptional technical qualities and a unique finish.

7 reasons for choosing Stamskin One

Exceptional fire resistance
Exceptional fire resistance - Stamskin - Omni Tables
Stamskin Top can be used both indoor and outdoor thanks to its exceptional fire resistance. Stamskin Top possesses stringent fire certifications such as:

  • France : M1 (NFP 92-507)
  • Match/cigarette test : Pass (EN 1021.1-2)
  • Furnishing : Pass (NF D 60-013 (AM18))
  • UK : Pass (BS 5852 (Crib 5))
  • Germany : K1/F1 (DIN 53438-2)


Extreme resistance in outdoor environment
Exceptional fire resistance - Stamskin - Omni Tables
Stamskin Top is resistive to UV radiation and water, and is especially well suited to outdoor usage. Even when subjected to extreme temperatures (-20°C / +70°C), Stamskin Top conserves its flexibility and technical performance.


High material strength
High material strength - Stamskin - Omni Tables
Stamskin One meets every requirement for environments exposed to intensive usage. Boasting over 120,000 Martindale and 400,000 flexing resistance (no damage cycles), Stamskin Top is one of the most resistant technical materials in its category!


Formulation developed by Serge Ferrari
Formulation developed by Serge Ferrari - Stamskin - Omni Tables
Stamskin Top ensures even easier cleaning and disinfection thanks to Elastomère Serge Ferrari technology. This specific formulation is insensitive to oils (massage oils, sun cream, etc.), body fluids and alcohols (detergents), and also offers improved breathability.


Non-cytotoxicity - Stamskin - Omni Tables
This standard guarantees there is no degradation of skin cells, when in contact with Stamskin Top material. Stamskin Top is especially suited to applications in the medical and body care sector.


Reduced heat build-up
Reduced heat build-up - Stamskin - Omni Tables
Stamskin One offers high-performance thermal comfort thanks to low heat build-up.



Unique finish and new colour range
Unique finish and new colour range - Stamskin - Omni Tables
With Stamskin Top, Serge Ferrari’s wish has been to develop a sensory approach to the material. A soft touch and “peach skin” effect combine with a new palette of colours to make this exceptional product a showstopping selection!

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Stamskin TOP by Serge Ferrari is covered by a five (5) year Warranty for indoor and for outdoor use

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