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Our Secret Weapon

The amazing thing about the Omni Total Drop Table range is it is being produced in Australia and is now modular. What we mean by modular, our secret weapon, is you can purchase the base model the Omni Total Drop Stationary Table and at any time in the future you can...

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Omni Table Spare Parts

The great thing about dealing with Omni Tables Australia is that we carry a range of Omni table spare parts that you may require for your table. It could be something as simple as a spring replacement for the headpiece or a drop mechanism, to gas struts through the...

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Omni Table Covering

The Omni table covering was selected from the highest quality European brands. The reason we focused on this particular brand is that with all Omni Total Drop Tables products quality is the most important factor. Along with quality is the safety of our products. This...

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Lifetime Guarantee

The reason the Omni Tables can offer lifetime guarantee on the frame is based on the construction process of the table. The tables are handmade and purpose built. The steel thickness ranges from 3 ml to 10 ml, so the tables are actually over-engineered. We...

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