When you own the Australian Omni Table you will discover that it is much quieter than the American manufactured Omni Tables.

If you watch this video at the 35 sec mark, you will see we use 2 large rubber stoppers.  These are designed to stop the metal upon metal which exists in some tables and one way we reduced the noise on our tables.

Even with these additional quieting methods some practitioners still want to reduce the noise further.  One example why this may be is a practitioner working in a medical practice and wishes to eliminate as much noise as possible.

The following are a couple additional processes I can recommend without modifying the table.

One solution is to add sound deadening material to the table

You can add an item such as a Door and Window Weather Strip, view here.

Door and Window Weather Strip in the D or P shape is one of the most successful ways to add to the sections of the table where you feel the most noise is coming from.  This is a rubber compound and will wear over time, therefore will need replacing once noise levels begin to raise again.  This will not alter the drop mechanism greatly and will create the desired result.  You can get this item from your local Bunnings.

One of the major issues with drop mechanism is there will always be some percussion when the drop mechanism comes to a sudden halt.  One of the most important ways to lessen the percussion in a room is to minimise surface areas which allow the reverberation of sound waves.

Concrete reflects sound and is a lousy surface to work on underfoot all day.  Timber floor cladding will also reverberate sound waves.   I recommend carpet or a rug under the table where you (the chiropractor) would stand.  I personally prefer underlay as well to make this work area softer under foot and also will greatly lessen the noise.  Edged Carpet runners of the same material your carpet is made of on either side of a table can reduce the wear patterns where the Chiropractor stands all day.  These runners can reduce the need to replace your whole carpet from the practitioners’ wear patterns.  The runners serve a dual purpose of being a soft working area under foot and deaden noise.   If Carpet is not possible then a large rug can assist.  Be wary on the trip hazard when clients are moving on and off a rug.  I recommend adhere the rug edges to the floor surface.

Any building with open floors and walls and ceiling always has a lot of noise reverberation.  Therefore, it is a matter of finding ways to reduce the flat areas and deaden the noise.



I hope these solutions answers your questions and assist you in designing a quite working environment.

Peter Hobson

I have 30 years’ experience as the Principal Chiropractor in my multiple clinics throughout Southeast Queensland for over 30 years. 

We have been manufacturing the range of Omni Tables Australia on the Gold Coast Australia since 2012.  We are continuously improving and adding to our range of tables which includes our new Automatic Flexion-Distraction table. We ship our Tables internationally which include the UK, Ireland, Europe, India, Southeast Asia and New Zealand, plus all states of Australia.

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