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Omni Tables Australia specialises in the manufacture and production of Chiropractic Drop Piece Tables, for Chiropractors throughout Australia and the world.

What is the chiropractor drop table technique?

  • Chiropractic is a healthcare discipline concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of subluxations or neurological and mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system which effects the overall function and health of the patient.
  • A chiropractic adjustment is designed to restore mobility and functionality to the section of the spine, which is not moving correctly to reduce nerve irritation, inflammation and surrounding muscular issues or subluxations.
  • Like many great inventions, the concept of the drop table was the result of an accident by a chiropractor named Dr. J. Clay Thompson who had a damaged table which became loose and jarred slightly when adjustments were given to the patient. Over time, Dr. Thompson noticed that the increased movement of this table helped improve his patients spinal functioning and the quality of his adjustments. This is how the concept of the chiropractic drop table was born!

What is a chiropractic drop table?

  • The drop piece technique involves the use of a specialised chiropractic table to restore movement to fixated or subluxated spinal segments. Not all chiropractors have or use these specialised tables. Your chiropractor will apply pressure to a specific subluxated area of your body to gently restore functioning to this region. As the technique is performed, a section or the whole table will drop a short movement then stop suddenly.
  • A drop piece table allows the selected section of the table to be raised and is then designed to drop away as the chiropractor performs their adjustment. This simple but very effective mechanism allows chiropractors to perform gentle adjustments in a controlled way. The action of the drop piece falling away allows for a faster and more comfortable overall adjustment.

Drop piece technique has 3 components when using this method correctly:

  1. The Hold Phase, where the table is loaded and ready to be released.
  2. The Release Phase, where the practitioner uses the least amount of pressure to get the table to commence moving.
  3. The Adjustment Phase, where the table stops suddenly, and the Chiropractor adds a small impulse once the table has stopped moving. With the sudden stop, the noise, the proprioceptive input to the nerve system, all this neurological activity distracts the patient who rarely even feels the adjustment being delivered. Gravity helps the Chiropractor give an adjustment with minimal pressure to restore proper functioning and alignment.
  • One convenient feature of the Omni tables is the ability to customise the tension of each section which allows the practitioner to set the tension specifically to your needs. This creates a softer adjustment to suit each individual patient.
  • Some patients require adjustments with the drop piece table due to advanced age or specific conditions, while others simply prefer the drop piece technique.
  • By restoring spinal movement and nervous system functioning, the drop piece technique can relieve a myriad of symptoms.

How do chiropractic drop tables work?

  • Using gravity, the mass of the patient, the impulse of an adjustment, combined with the sudden stopping momentum of a section of the table, Dr. Thompson was able to transfer energy gently into each adjustment. The sudden stopping of specific table sections transferers the energy into the area being adjusted.
  • Each of our Omni tables have separate sections for the neck, upper back, lower back, and pelvic region. These sections have been designed to drop approximately 1-2cm when the chiropractor applies pressure.
  • For many years, patients have been experiencing positive results from drop table techniques. After receiving an adjustment using this method, the patient may immediately feel better. Their flexibility, strength and sleep will begin to improve.

What does a chiropractic drop table do?

  • One of the methods doctors use when considering the drop piece technique is leg length analysis. Vertebral misalignment can make one leg appear shorter than the other, and through analysis, this can help determine the region of the spine that needs the drop piece technique.
  • We know that the nervous system imbalances cause muscular issues, and the muscular issues lead to the appearance of one leg being shorter than the other. After studying the findings, the doctor will have a better understanding of which type of drop table adjustments a patient will need. Drop table technique is especially beneficial for adjusting the pelvis or sacroiliac joints. Short leg syndrome or leg length discrepancy can be caused by contracted muscles around the pelvis or misaligned sacroiliac joints. Often immediate improvement can be seen in short leg syndrome after a drop table adjustment.
  • This method can be used to adjust the joints in the hands, feet, arms, and legs. In addition, this is one of the few methods for adjusting a spondylolisthesis. A spondylolisthesis is a condition brought about when one of the lumbar vertebrae slid forward in relation to the segment below. This condition is easily diagnosed by x-ray.

Do chiropractic drop tables work?

  • Drop table techniques provide instant relief for many patients, and the benefits of this type of procedure can be life changing.
  • Depending on the situation, a patient might need more than one adjustment to eliminate problems or symptoms.
  • Drop piece technique helps improve proper spine and nerve system functioning.  Drop piece adjustments help athletes reduce the risk of being injured during activities. Patients also report a decrease in the number of aches and pains they experience after this procedure.

Are chiropractic drop tables safe?

  • This gentle and painless technique is safe to perform on most patients and can be used for almost any joint on the body.
  • Just like other techniques, the chiropractic drop piece is also extremely safe. It has been widely used by chiropractors since its development in the 1950s, and it is popular for producing precise patient results around the world.
  • Omni tables provide softer adjustments and protect the chiropractors’ bodies by avoiding repetitive manual techniques.
  • The drop piece method is one of the gentlest and safe chiropractic techniques.  The technique is often used for elderly people, those who experience acute pain and whose joints can’t be adjusted otherwise.

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