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Safety and Table Check List

Prior to operation Inspect table for damage before use, report any damage or if you are not happy with functioning of table at once.

Ensure all employees are familiar with all aspects of the table prior to operating.

The Tables should only be used by qualifies and trained and authorized professionals.

Always remain in attendance when a patient is getting on and off the table. Initially guide your patient the correct way to get on and off the table. Refrain from leaving patients unattended while on the table or while the table is in motion.

Ensure the patients hands are on the hand rests to prevent injury or being stepped on.

Keep hands and fingers away from all moving parts specifically the drop mechanism.

Ensure patients do not attempt to operate the table.

Inform patients about the risk of moving parts and exercise caution.

Never treat anyone with equipment that is not in 100% working condition.

DO NOT allow children to play on or around the table. Keep children away from unattended tables.

If applicable, remove or cover power cord when not in use.

Always make sure drops are in an unloaded position when the table is not in use.

Always diagnose problems or conditions or consult an expert before commencing treatment with any Omni Table.

If a mechanical problem occurs, or a part breaks, stop using table immediately and contact Omni Tables Australia for service and assistance at help@omnitables.com.au.

Parts such as motors, foot-pedal, Pneumatic controllers, need no maintenance or oiling.

If you are not 100% sure of how to use and operate your Omni Table properly, or the condition of your patient, or how they may react to treatment on this equipment do not

Do not over tension the drop tension mechanism. This may create excessive pressure for the drops to release and may injure patient.

If in doubt, call someone who can answer your questions. Never treat anyone unless you are sure of your capabilities and the equipment you are using.


Waiver and Indemnity

  1. By using the Omni Table, you agree that you indemnify Universal Forces and/or Omni Tables Australia and its employees, directors, shareholders and agents against all harm, damage, loss, liability etc, howsoever caused, including on a non-exhaustive basis: from a failure to diagnose, ignorance, misuse, unreported damage or other problems with the Omni Table or ancillary equipment, improper maintenance of the Omni Table or equipment, negligence by practitioner or user or anyone else, bad use, improper use, unauthorised use, negligence generally and broadly, user and/or practitioner error and poor judgement.
  2. For the avoidance of doubt, Universal Forces and or Omni Tables Australia will not under any circumstances be liable or responsible for any harm, damage, loss or liability by the usage of the Omni Table and/or ancillary equipment. If there is a manufacturing fault in the Omni Table and/or ancillary equipment, you must immediately cease all use of it and immediately report it to Universal Forces and/or Omni Tables Australia.

Omni Table Australia Manual

Please follow the operating instruction in this manual and watch all the videos to ensure you are familiar with the function of your table prior to operation.

“HERE” is a link to a cleaning video which guides how to clean your table to ensure a safe environment for your patients. This will also extend and maximize the life of your table.