We understand that chiropractics is all about the good of the patient, the number one reason why Omni Tables are the best for a chiropractic practice. But Omni Tables have the added benefit of saving the chiropractor’s back as well.

  • The unique Omni Table design allows the doctor to be able to pre-stress the body before using the drop sections and putting the patient’s body into motion. It also allows the doctor to use leverage to get better adjustment.
  • The Omni Table is a narrower table to allow the doctor to get closer to the patient midline. The base frame of the Omni Table is designed for the doctor to be able to around the table without having the base interfere with movement.
  • The thoracic section can be raised to reduce stress to the patient and the doctor for anterior thoracic adjustments. Therefore you do not have to lean as far over the patient resulting in less stress for all.
  • The versatility and adaptability of our chiropractic tables allows the doctor to do mirror imaging adjusting without use of additional foam pads and blocks.
  • The Omni Table will suit all techniques and is able to handle a myriad of needs – allowing you to offer your patients the best possible corrective care.
  • The Omni Table’s drops are fast and deep, allowing you to move the body quickly and easy. The foot cocking drops on the Omni adjusting tables are on both sides allowing you to lift the patient easier. The large ergo designed knob is easy to turn and the soft grip won’t wear out your hand.

The possibilities are endless with Omni Tables for your patient care. The intelligent design will not only provide the best chiropractic care available, but give the chiropractor added ease and comfort in their patient interactions.

Peter Hobson

I have 30 years’ experience as the Principal Chiropractor in my multiple clinics throughout Southeast Queensland for over 30 years. 

We have been manufacturing the range of Omni Tables Australia on the Gold Coast Australia since 2012.  We are continuously improving and adding to our range of tables which includes our new Automatic Flexion-Distraction table. We ship our Tables internationally which include the UK, Ireland, Europe, India, Southeast Asia and New Zealand, plus all states of Australia.

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