Other Professionals Using the Omni Total Drop Table | Omni Tables

The Omni Table has such a great name within the marketplace it’s actually extended beyond the chiropractic profession which it was originally designed and manufactured for over 30 years ago.
Other professionals using Omni total drop tables such as podiatrists prefer to use the Omni Total Drop Table mechanism for a number of foot adjusting techniques.

A number of seminars are taught specifically using the Omni Total Drop Table. The ease of operation of all the drop mechanisms especially the headpiece has made it the table of choice for extremity adjusting.

A number of physiotherapists have also discovered the Omni Total Drop Table.

Some practices allow their massage therapists to use the Omni Table. The elevation mechanism makes it easy to work with a client at varying heights. Therefore when your Omni Total Drop Tables table is not being used it can benefit you by expanding your services. The Omni Total Drop table range allows easy access and comfort for your clients. The design of the table suits different massage techniques to practitioners of varying skills.

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