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Omni Caster Update Kit



Prices are in AUD excluding GST.

Kit Includes 4 Wheel Assemblies

This Omni table caster kit will update your Omni table so that you can easily move your table around the office. The Omni table caster update kit makes it much easier to clean under your table or wheel it to another room.
This Omni table caster kit is easy to install. You do need to specify wether you havea n old style Omni table or a new style Omni table as the size is different.

Old style Omni tables have squared ends on the base.

Prices are in AUD. Please note if your country has GST this will be added to the price. E.g. Australian Clients will have a 10% GST added. If you are an Australian Business registered for GST, you are entitled to claim this amount back.

We will assist you with delivery and transport. Duty and import Taxes will be the purchaser's responsibility.


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