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Replace and not recover your pads

Why you should replace and not recover your pads. You will pay twice by recovering once to recover and secondly to get the correct item you need,.

Replace vs Recover your Table Pads?

The StamSkin Difference

This product is a Swiss/French manufactured with three times the wear of anything n you will find in Australia


Do not wear your Pads our with improper use by clients

Many clients get on and off a table incorrectly, By educating them you are helping this in the real world and protecting your table.

Are your Patients getting on and off a table correctly?

Do Not Throw money away by getting a inferior cleaning product

Bio Hygiene’s Bevistocryl has been approved by the Vinyl manufacturer to preserve your warranty. Anything else will void your warranty of your StamSkin product.

Save dollars. Save Yourself.