If you’re looking for the best chiropractic adjustment table then look no further than the Omni Total Drop Table range. Since investing in their own Omni Tables, many practitioners have found that Owning An Omni Table Makes You a Winner, Here’s Why!

Proudly Australian Made

Every Omni Table is 100 percent made in Australia from start to finish. We source every piece of steel, every mechanical component, and every vinyl fabric from suppliers in the country.

What’s more, our tables are manufactured by a local engineering firm with decades of experience ranging from lathe and milling work, all forms of welding, inventor design and drafting, steel, engineering, and more. Since they are a local manufacturer, they also put heart and soul into every table they produce to ensure that each one is up to par with industry standards.

We also have a high-end upholsterer who takes care of the coverings of our tables. They have a vast experience with custom jobs for both hot rods and yachts so you can rest assured that the upholstery you get with every Omni Table is of high quality.

Since Omni Tables are all Australian-made, we can guarantee that you get your orders on time and without any delays. In addition, we can also provide customer assistance promptly and at any time should you need it.

Our all Australian made product also provides local job opportunities and directly benefits our local economy.

More so, manufacturing our tables locally means we are able to keep our price competitive so you won’t have to deal with importation, customs, and duty charges.

Manufactured with You and Your Patients in Mind

Another way that the Omni Total Drop Table range makes for a winning option for many clinics is the way it is manufactured. We’ve designed our chiropractic adjustment tables according to your and your patients’ needs for the best musculoskeletal adjustment experience.

Omni Tables are purely foot-operated except for the pneumatic version which uses a foot switch. Unlike the hand locking or hand loading mechanism used by other manufacturers, this features effectively reduces the risk of injury to a Chiropractor.

Moreover, our tables are made from all-Australian steel ranging from 3 and 10 millimeters which makes it a far more durable and reliable table than those made with box steel and welded joints. This also means that our tables will last longer will withstand patient weights of up to 200kg.

We also do not use scissor lift mechanisms which can be dangerous especially for children. Instead, we use a vertical lift mechanism effectively preventing limbs from getting caught and injured.

The foot section of the table can also be raised so that leg length checks can be done easily without the practitioner bending. In addition, the foot plate can extend, giving support for the tallest clients with ease.

Versatile and Cost Effective

Omni Tables can also cater to a wide range of clients thanks to its standard features that would otherwise come at an additional cost from other manufacturers. The Omni
Total Drop Table comes with cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and pelvic drop pieces as a standard feature so you don’t need to spend more just to get them.

Not only can the headpiece mirror adjust a variety of postural distortions but the thoracic section also has a removable part that can be used to adjust a child. What’s more, the same section can also be raised for anterior thoracic adjustments.

Meanwhile, the pelvic section as well as the drop mechanism can be used in either neutral or raised position making it an appropriate table for pregnant clients or those with a large abdomen.

What you will find with all of the Omni Tables is they come standard with all these amazing components. What you see is what you get, that’s why Owning An Omni Table Makes You a Winner.!

Peter Hobson

I have 30 years’ experience as the Principal Chiropractor in my multiple clinics throughout Southeast Queensland for over 30 years. 

We have been manufacturing the range of Omni Tables Australia on the Gold Coast Australia since 2012.  We are continuously improving and adding to our range of tables which includes our new Automatic Flexion-Distraction table. We ship our Tables internationally which include the UK, Ireland, Europe, India, Southeast Asia and New Zealand, plus all states of Australia.

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