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Omni Total Drop Stationary Chiropractic Table

Your Chiropractic Secret Weapon, Headpiece Flexion, Extension, translation, rotation & Elevation

Omni Total Drop Stationary Chiropractic Table to Elevation

Available Heights: 50cm, 55cm & 60 cm

Features: Extra firm 5kg rebound foam, pelvic, lumbar, thoracic and cervical drops, elevating chest, elevating pelvic, elevating/extending foot section and translating cervical.

Available Options: Electric elevation and elevated chest drop.

Omni Total Drop Stationary Chiropractic Table

Standard features

  • Powder coated Australian Steel Frame
  • Lifetime warranty on frame
  • Thoracic lumber and pelvic drop sections
  • Deep and fast drop mechanism to assist with best adjustments
  • Pelvic drop section can be used in elevated position, perfect for pregnant patients
  • Removable thoracic piece to enable drop mechanism for children
  • Headpiece Flexion, Extension, translation, rotation & Elevation
  • Headpiece Forward and reverse drop mechanism (perfect for Toggle and extremities)
  • Raised thoracic section, perfect for anterior thoracic adjustments
  • Foot loading drop mechanism to reduce wear and tear on chiropractor
  • Highest rating drop mechanism, perfect for obese or overweight clients up to 200kg
  • Paper roll holder
  • Narrow base for ease of maneuver around table
  • Range of heights 50, 55cm & 60cm
  • Prone Arm Rest
  • Leg and Ankle Rest, neutral and elevated and leg Extension section
  • Extremely high wearing pads which has a percentage of renewable products making it sustainable for the planet
  • Highest rating for hypo allergenic for skin, making it baby safe
  • Ascetically pleasing design
  • Modular design enabling upgrade of table to elevation or pneumatic at any time


Optional Features

  • Range of colours
  • Base can be powder coated in different colours
  • Elevated thoracic drop mechanism (CBP technique)
  • Locking Wheels

Omni Total Drop stationary tables are built to last that is why we offer a life time warranty on the frame.

The Omni Total Drop Stationary tables use a foot activation to load the manual drops for the adjustment of your patient.

If you decide to choose one of Omni Tables stationary height tables it is important that you select the table based on your height or the table height you are most comfortable working at. You need to consider your individual body shape and size along with your preferred adjusting technique. If you cannot decide on the “ideal” height for your table, an elevation table may be best to meet your needs.

All the Omni Total Drop Stationary Tables can be ordered in heights ranging from 50cm, 55cm and 60cm (the standard height being 50cm). The height of our chiropractic tables are measured from the floor to the top of the table which helps guide you to decide which height will be best for you.
There are height adjustable feet on all the tables which allow you to raise them an additional 5cm from the heights of the tables listed.

Price: $6,495.00

Prices are in AUD excluding GST.

Lifetime Structural 100% Guarantee - Omni Tables

Available for export around the world

The Strongest and Most Versatile Chiropractic Adjusting Tables


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