Omni 8 Degree Syntropy Stationary & Elevation Table

Height Range: 50cm to 80cm

Features:Specially engineered and modified handmade table to provide an 8° working platform for the Chiropractor.  The modifications include Custom Main Frame 8° Table With Adaptor Plate & Vertical Pedals and special 8° under tables modifications to stop and reduce excessive wear.  This is far different to a table which has been chocked up on a piece of timber or the addition of a plate to change the angle of the table without addressing all the wear and stress points.

Foot activated drop mechanism. Soft Pillow top to allow your client to sink into the table then an extra firm rebound foam for minimal client movement and your best adjustments.  This table comes standard with Pelvis, Lumbar, Thoracic and duel Cervical drops (forward and backwards), which is great for Toggle Technique.  Elevating chest section (great for anterior Adjustments), elevating pelvic section, elevating/extending leg and foot section. The headpiece offers translation, rotation, cervical flexion/extension and raises to act as a headrest.  Modular so it can grow as your practice grows.

NOTE – This table can be converted from an Elevation table to an Air-Drop Table.

Own this table in 3 years for 1 Adjustments per week*.
This applies to AU Clients only. Contact us to learn more.  *
These figures are based on 36 monthly payments at $65 per Adjustment.  Figures are approximate and may differ from client to client.

We can assist you with delivery and transport.
International clients note, Duty and import Taxes will be the purchaser’s responsibility.

Standard features

  • Powder coated Australian Steel Frame
  • Lifetime warranty on frame
  • European design and made lift mechanism, engineered best in class
  • Single pillar tri-column elevation unit with no moving parts to prevent injury
  • Start height, 50cm and raises to 80cm (45cm Start height on request)
  • Range of elevation, 30cm from the table start height
  • Cervical, Thoracic, Lumber and Pelvic drop sections
  • Deep and fast drop mechanism to help you provide your best adjustments
  • Pelvic drop section can be used in elevated position, perfect for pregnant patients
  • Removable thoracic piece to enable drop mechanism for children
  • Headpiece Flexion, Extension, translation, rotation & Elevation
  • Headpiece Forward and reverse drop mechanism (perfect for Toggle and extremities)
  • Thoracic section can be raised, perfect platform for anterior thoracic adjustments
  • Foot loading drop mechanism to reduce wear and tear on the chiropractor
  • Highest rating drop mechanism, perfect for obese or overweight clients up to 200kg
  • Paper roll holder
  • Narrow base for ease of manoeuvre around table
  • Prone Arm Rest
  • Leg and Ankle Rest, neutral and elevated and leg Extension section
  • Extremely high wearing pads which has a percentage of renewable products making it sustainable for the planet
  • Highest rating for hypo allergenic for skin, making it baby safe
  • Ascetically pleasing design
  • Modular design enabling upgrade to an Air-Drop  table at any time

Optional Features

  • Range of colours
  • Base can be powder coated in different colours
  • Elevated thoracic drop mechanism (CBP technique)
  • Locking Wheels

It’s not just about your patient’s spine and health.  It’s just as important to take care of your own spine. Save your spine and nerve system by purchasing an Omni Total Drop Elevation Table.

Why bend to adjust your patient’s spine?

An Omni Chiropractic Drop Table allows you to raise your table to a level that is the most comfortable for you and your clients. A quiet smooth, powerful motor lets you adjust your table height from 50cm to 80cm with a simple press of a foot peddle.

With the touch of a foot switch, you can optimally position each patient while maintaining the health of your spine when using all the amazing features of the Omni Tables Australia that come standard with each table in our range.

Table Information

Our products are manufactured to extremely high standards and are thoroughly inspected and tested prior to shipping. We offer a lifetime warranty on the frame. Our vinyl has a 3-year warranty for normal wear and tear but excluding issues and damages from misuse. We stand behind our products and can provide technical assistance and/or replacement parts, if necessary.

We accept Direct Deposit (cheapest), Visa, MasterCard, PayPal please note additional fees can occur using a credit card and PayPal. We do not offer financing and will work with any leasing company that you may employ. A 50% deposit is required for Australian Table purchasers and the balance must be paid within 7 Days of receiving your table. Overseas purchasers can make a 50% deposit to secure their table production. All overseas orders must be paid in full before shipped.

All Australian Purchasers can claim their GST back if they are registered GST and hold an ABN. Our Australian purchasers can then depreciate their purchase over the life of the goods to effectively reduce the purchase costs. A 15% deduction in the year you buy them and a 30% deduction each year after the first year. Please check with your accountant to confirm the benefits you may receive.

Sorry, we only sell new tables. Most of our customers keep them for a long time – if you find a used Omni table for sale, consider yourself lucky!

Please consider combining your order with other students at your university and receive our group discount. Please call or email to discuss further. Please note, the discount offered will be based on the actual table numbers purchased.

Go ahead and put your biggest, heaviest patient on our tables! Omni’s have the highest weighted Drop Mechanism in the profession. Most tables max out at 120KG but not the Omni’s, they can happily handle someone up to 200Kg. With 67% of our population either obese or overweight this is becoming a more important aspect when selecting your adjusting table.

The best way to calculate the correct table height for you is easy. Just measure from the floor to the top of a table you are happily working on. We recommend a height, from the floor to the bottom or middle of your patella. Also take into consideration your body proportions, adjusting style and shoes that you typically wear. if you have a slightly stockier build it can be more difficult to bend over your patients when positioning or adjusting them. This will also differ if you have a taller build. If you cannot decide on the “ideal” height for your table, an Elevation table may be best. Our Elevation Tables came with a Start height of 50cm. Out stationary tables come Standard heights for 45cm, 50cm, 55cm and 60cm. We can make table 65cm if required please contact us to discuss.

We offer a basic range to suit the price conscious purchaser. Our Total Drop Range come in Stationary, Elevation, Air-Drop and Flexion Distraction. Check out our videos on each Table Option at and click on the “Out Tables” Tab. Alternatively, please review our YouTube channel. Any questions? We’re here to help!

YouTube Channel HERE

It’s easy! We sell directly to you, simply contact us by email, telephone or through our website. When your order is submitted, we will reply with a quote, including the shipping cost. You will then be prompted to contact us with your payment information.

Download order form HERE

Delivery / Shipping

Transport costs are based on the products, quantity and delivery destination. Our preference is to Air-Fright tables as less damage will occur and your table will arrive in a very short time. We will send tables by sea, but we need to encase them in timber to protect them when the loads are consolidated with other goods. In many cases the Sea Freight costs are not cheaper compared to the Air Freight. Please contact us so we can clarify information for your specific needs. Quotes may take a few days so please be patient while we work at getting the best price for you.

For overseas purchasers, tables will be purchased Australian GST free and your specific Country Taxes will apply. For example, in New Zealand there is a 15% GST and in Singapore, the country tax rate is 7.5%. Many countries have varying ability to claim these duties and then the value of the goods. Please check with your financial adviser exactly what will occur I your case.


For international purchasers, we can arrange shipping quote to your door. The shipping cost does not include import duty or taxes for your country. You can use the customs clearance agent we recommend and they will assist you to calculate these fees, which vary from country to country. You can use our customs agents or chose your own. Overseas purchases must pay for tables in full prior to delivery.

Delivery is via a tail lift truck to your drive-way only as we are unable to arrange internal delivery from Australia. You will be responsible for getting your table moved from your driveway to your premises.  We have found the customs agents can assist you with an internal delivery but this can only  be arranged by you.

The unpacking, of your table (which is plug and play) plus the removal of rubbish is your responsibility.  Please note we provide a number of videos to guide you and assist your delivery people if they do an internal delivery.  Any changes outside of this or additional delivery attempts may incur additional fees. 

Transport costs are based on the number of products, the quantity and delivery destination. Our preference is to road Freight within Australia to save you costs. We have several Freight providers to choose from. We offer the delivery as a service only, to assist you the purchaser. If you require a table to be delivered on a specific day and a specific time additional fees will occur. All freight quotes exclude steps, stairs or gravel surfaces. If you have any of these items a special arrangement needs to occur. You are always welcome to arrange your own transport. Please contact us to provide specific information to assist us in meeting your needs. Most freight quotes take 1 day.

Repairs / Maintenance / Parts

Yes, as our tables are modular the table height can be altered. The parts required depend on if you are raising or lowering your table. Please contact us for any specific questions you may have before doing this. Remember your table height is the measurement from the floor to the top of the table’s cushions.

Omni Table Height Adjustable Kit HERE

With a lifetime guarantee on the frame, our products have been engineered to require very little or no maintenance. Our tables have been designed that most parts can be replaced by you. If ever necessary we have a selection of parts available on our website.

Omni Replacement parts HERE.

Omni’s are the most maintenance free tables in our profession. With a lifetime warranty on the frame we expect you to have years and years of trouble free operation. This will save you money in the long run. All that’s required is a weekly clean to remove all dust particles. Please ensure you clean and wipe your table down after each shift or the beginning of each shift, or when needed throughout the day. This will provide the cleanest environment for your clients.

Refer to our cleaning video HERE

We have new pads available for when you require this to occur. If you want to change the colour of your table, now is the time! Replacing the vinyl is relatively easy and I recommend you get a handyman, so you can focus on what you do best, and they can do what they do best.

How to Replace your Omni Tables Covering HERE

Replacement Pads Piping HERE

Replacement Pads Twin Needling HERE

Normal day to day soil on the vinyl upholstery can be removed with neutral soap and warm water followed by a thorough water rinse. Rinsing is important to clear all chemicals from the vinyl, which could otherwise cause premature deterioration. Avoid harsh detergents and powdered abrasives. Areas in contact with hair, body oils or perspiration should be washed frequently. Remove stains immediately to prevent the possibility of them becoming permanent. Please test your cleaning agent on a small section of the table out of sight in case it does damage your covering.

Refer to our cleaning video HERE

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