Production of the Omni Tables in Australia was not a simple process. We wanted to make sure that we provided the highest level of professionalism, in both customer service and in manufacture. We found an amazing engineering firm to work with to ensure that this process was the appropriate standard you deserve.

Our engineers have roots going back to 1985, as a facility to manufacture & refurbish components for the elevator industry. Since that time, the company has developed solutions for a wide range of interesting & diverse projects. Their services include: Lathe and milling work, steel fabrication, and all forms of welding from fine TIG welding to heavy gas shielded arc welding, full CAD / Inventor design and drafting, site installation, steel engineering, industrial engineering, construction.

It’s because of their specific and unique skills, and exclusive facility that we made the decision for this group to represent Omni Chiropractic Tables Australia in creating the range of tables and expanding the existing range as time goes on.

The unique engineering skills have brought to the table some vast improvements that allow the table to have a modular capacity. They’ve also enabled some new production processes to increase the strength, durability, and endurance of the tables.

The great thing about engineering in Australia is a lower cost to transport the table throughout Australia. They are closely located to our head office, so we have a hands-on approach to maintaining quality control and ensure that the highest grade materials and production process is utilised.

This ensures that your table will be produced and ready to go in a very quick time frame. Our goal is to deliver as promised without delays. The great thing about Australian-made product is we’re keeping jobs and opportunity here in the Australian marketplace, and in fact with the Australian dollar the rate it is, it allows us opportunities to export overseas.
We are also not paying excessive importation rates which have been as high as $1,500 per table. This is an immediate saving, with no customs, no duty charges. We no longer have the fluctuation of the Australian dollar to deal with; to ensure you are going to get a set price that will not vary.

As a small to medium sized business, our manufacturer has their heart and soul in each and every table. They insure that they have put a personal touch to every product that leaves their premises. We have a high-end upholsterer who has vast experience with custom jobs on hot rods and the high-end marine on motor vessels and yachts. Therefor the quality of the upholstery is at a higher level than provided previously.

Because the tables are made in Australia, if you need assistance we are here in the same time zone to support you. We can also access any information from conception to completion of your personal table through our quality control process.

Peter Hobson

I have 30 years’ experience as the Principal Chiropractor in my multiple clinics throughout Southeast Queensland for over 30 years. 

We have been manufacturing the range of Omni Tables Australia on the Gold Coast Australia since 2012.  We are continuously improving and adding to our range of tables which includes our new Automatic Flexion-Distraction table. We ship our Tables internationally which include the UK, Ireland, Europe, India, Southeast Asia and New Zealand, plus all states of Australia.

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