Why Omni Tables? - A Lifetime Structural Guarantee | Omni Tables

We could have sold any table – but we chose Omni Tables for their strength, reliability, and flexibility. Omni Tables can offer a lifetime guarantee because of their excellent structural quality.

Omni Chiropractic Tables are built 100% in house. This allows us to oversee the entire construction process and to maintain the highest level of quality control. Each table is cut, welded and finished without any castings which produces a table of the most solid construction.

Sure it is cheaper, quicker and therefore more cost effective to use pre-made castings in the manufacturing process, but by cutting and welding we provide you with, what we believe is, the strongest, most durable chiropractic table available…and that’s why we can confidently offer a lifetime structural guarantee on your Omni Table investment.

Each Omni Chiropractic Table weighs in at about 145kgs and this is due mostly to the high quality, 6mm thick steel used in the frame construction. This steel is thicker than usual which means there is less chance of failure or fatigue to the frame and structure.

In addition to owning the best able for life, our customers experience the benefits of Omni Table’s expert design. The Omni Table is a narrower table to allow the doctor to get closer to the patient midline. It also allows the doctor to use leverage to get better adjustment. Once you are aware of the full potential of the Omni Table your head will spin with the possibilities this means for your patients.


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