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The great thing about dealing with Omni Tables Australia is that we carry a range of Omni table spare parts that you may require for your table. It could be something as simple as a spring replacement for the headpiece or a drop mechanism, to gas struts through the components such as an Elevation Motor or Pneumatics to upgrade your table.

We can replace the central pillar of a stationary table with an elevation component, or we can add in pneumatics to alter your table from a foot loaded drop table to a pneumatic table.

We have a wide range of items which includes a compressor, foot pedals or if you may want a set of replacement table pads. You need it, we can provide it! https://omnitables.com.au/shop/

Being able to change or replace the pads of the table allows you to alter the colour and look of your Omni Table if you wish.

Go to our blog “Omni Table Covering” LINK to blog to learn more about the table pads.

We also have a range of touch up paints to assist you with your table’s maintenance.

See the extensive list below of spare part options:

• Omni Elevation Motor
• Upgrade Elevation Motor Kit
• Air Control Solenoid (for table conversion)
• Omni replacement pads
• Elevation Foot Switch
• Caster Update Kit
• Elevation Power Cord
• Air Drop Pressure Regulator
• Table Extensions
• Cervical Elevation Gas strut
• Table Leveling Feet
• Flat Rod Hinge
• Tension Knob
• Paper holding bar
• Touch up Paint
• Springs

Any item on the Omni Table, we can assist you in replacing it.

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