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In addition to provided ease to our customers in the expert design of our chiropractic traction tables, Omni Chiropractic Tables are now available for sale online for all shopping needs.

Gone are the days of calling during business hours. Our new Australian website provides flexibility to our customers and a detailed list of table purchase options.

All Omni Tables are upholstered using the comprehensive collection of Boltaflex vinyls and urethanes. These are tried-and-true fabrics that combine beauty and performance and provide the ultimate resistance to stains, abrasion, flame and mildew. Best of all, our vinyls come in a large variety of colours to suit any taste or clinic décor

If you decide to choose one of Omni Tables stationary height tables it is important that you select the table based on your height or the height of your knees. You also need to consider your individual body type. ie. if you have a slightly stockier build it can be more difficult to bend over your patients when positioning or adjusting them. This will also differ if you have taller colleagues.

The patient’s physical, sizes and build is also an important variable therefore buy your table to suit your patient types e.g. are you in a more blue collar region with heavy set body types?

If you cannot decide on the “ideal” height for your table, a variable height table may be best to meet your needs.

Other options include electric elevation and elevated chest drop. See our website for how you can customize your Omni Table.

We’re still available, as we always have been, to help you with any questions you might have about the product.


Boltaflex Colour Chart

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