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Omni Air Drop Elevation Chiropractic Table

Your Chiropractic Secret Weapon, Headpiece Flexion, Extension, translation, rotation & Elevation

Omni Air-Drop Elevation Chiropractic Table

Available Heights: 50cm, 55cm & 60 cm (45cm on Request)

 Features: Pneumatic activated drop mechanism. Soft Pillow top to allow your client to sink into the table then an extra firm rebound foam for minimal client movement and your best adjustments.  This table comes standard with Pelvis, Lumbar, Thoracic and duel Cervical drops (forward and backwards), which is great for Toggle Technique.  Elevating chest section (great for anterior Adjustments), elevating pelvic section, elevating/extending leg and foot section. The headpiece offers translation, rotation, cervical flexion/extension and raises to act as a headrest.  Modular so it can grow as your practice grows.

Own this table in 3 years for less than 1.2 Adjustments per week*.
This applies to AU Clients only. Contact us to learn more.  *
These figures are based on 36 monthly payments at $65 per Adjustment.  Figures are approximate and may differ from client to client.

 We can assist you with delivery and transport.
International clients note, Duty and import Taxes will be the purchaser’s responsibility.

Omni AIR Drop Elevation Chiropractic Table

Standard features

  • Powder coated Australian Steel Frame
  • Lifetime warranty on frame
  • European design and made lift mechanism, engineered best in class
  • Single pillar tri-column elevation unit with no moving parts to prevent injury
  • Range of height from 50cm up to 80cm
  • Thoracic lumber and pelvic drop sections
  • Deep and fast drop mechanism to assist with best adjustments
  • Pelvic drop section can be used in elevated position, perfect for pregnant patients
  • Removable thoracic piece to enable drop mechanism for children
  • Headpiece Flexion, Extension, translation, rotation & Elevation
  • Headpiece Forward and reverse drop mechanism (perfect for Toggle and extremities)
  • Raised thoracic section, perfect for anterior thoracic adjustments
  • Pneumatic loading drop mechanism to reduce fatigue, wear and tear on chiropractor
  • Highest rating drop mechanism, perfect for obese or overweight clients up to 200kg
  • Paper roll holder
  • Narrow base for ease of maneuver around table
  • Prone Arm Rest
  • Leg and Ankle Rest, neutral and elevated and leg Extension section
  • Extremely high wearing pads which has a percentage of renewable products making it sustainable for the planet
  • Highest rating for hypo allergenic for skin, making it baby safe
  • Ascetically pleasing design
  • One compressor will run up to four tables simultaneously


Optional Features

  • Range of colours
  • Base can be powder coated in different colours
  • Elevated thoracic drop mechanism (CBP technique)
  • Locking Wheels
  • Silent air compressor

Omni Air Drop Elevation Chiropractic Table is one of our top of the range models, designed to suit multiple practitioners in a busy clinic. It will assist you in being able to work at different heights for the varying body shapes and sizes.

The Air-Drop sections will offer you effortless adjusting by taking the loading times out of your adjustments. It is a simple as selecting which part of the table you wish to use for the adjustment, then load and press the foot pedal to use the required section or sections of the table. The Pneumatic tables are designed to remove stress from a busy chiropractor and speed up your adjusting times. If you have a high volume practice these tables will pay for themselves by saving you time allow you effortless adjusting for many years.

This table also suits the individual practitioner who needs to work with clients at varying heights. So, it’s not just about the health of your patient’s spine but it’s important to look after your spine. Save your spine by purchasing an Omni elevation table as there is no need to bend over to adjust your patients. An Omni Air-Drop Elevation Chiropractic Table allows you to raise your patient to a level that is comfortable for you. A quiet smooth, powerful motor lets you adjust your table height from 50 to 80cm (50cm being the start height) with a simple tap on a foot peddle.

With just a touch of a foot switch, you can easily adjust each patient while maintaining the health of your spine. In addition you have access to all the usual features of the Omni Total Drop Tables that come standard with each table in the Total Drop range.

Price: $11,445

Prices are in AUD excluding GST.

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