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Australia’s strongest and most versatile chiropractic table

Omni tables are ergonomic, modular tables used by chiropractors for spinal correction, suitable for all techniques.



Chiropractors across the country and internationally have been practising on Omni tables for over 30 years.

We have a reputation for performance, quality, durability and our lifetime guarantee. Designed by chiropractors for chiropractors, our tables suit any practice and all kinds of patients.


Omni tables can be customised to suit your needs and are available in four base options. They are the only chiropractic tables that allow you to easily upgrade from one model to the next, as your needs change.

Stationary Omni
Elevation Omni
Elevation Omni Air Drop
Elevation Omni With Flexion-Distraction

Customise your colour

The pads are replaceable and are available in more than 30 colours that are interchangeable.

How are we different to other chiropractic tables?

Designed and built by an Australian family with 30+ years of chiropractic experience, we offer:

A lifetime structural guarantee as well as a two-year spring warranty and a 12-month motor warranty.
A lifetime structural guarantee as well as a two-year spring warranty and a 12-month motor warranty.
Motors with single-cut aluminium casings and a triple column lift for a sturdier and more reliable table.
Your table can grow as your practice grows. Simply upgrade any table at any time with our modular system.
Treat yourself and your patients with an Omni Table

Lifetime structural guarantee

We are so confident that our tables are the best in the industry, we offer a lifetime guarantee. We know our tables will last a lifetime because they are:

  • Built with the highest quality parts and material
  • Fully manufactured in our quality assured facility
  • CNC cut, welded and built without castings
  • Drop Mechanism can handle 225 kg
  • Made with industrial-strength upholstery that won’t wear or stain, and is abrasion, flame and mildew resistant.
  • Based on a solid steel frame
Couldn’t recommend Peter highly enough! His service, product and professionalism went above and beyond. These tables are brilliant. Would never look anywhere else!
Nick Lee – Kismet Health Hub

Patient and Chiropractor comfort

We know your patient’s comfort is very important – but so is yours. Our tables are ergonomically designed so that you can move freely around the entire table to work on your patients without stretching, bending or pulling or causing you any musculoskeletal injuries, or backaches.

Patient’s comfort and support are ensured with rebound foam with a dual density system. The bottom layer is 50mm thick high density foam with a soft 25 mm thick, pillow top foam layer for comfort.

More Features

Translating, rotating and flexion extension cervical section

Elevating chest platform and chest drop

Pelvic, lumbar, thoracic and dual cervical drops

Elevating pelvic platform, adjustable in the elevated position

Elevating/extending foot section

All included in the price not extra costs

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