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  Omni Chiropractic Tables – Product Information


Omni Tables come in a number of models, each is designed to suit your individual needs:

  1. Omni Basic Range:- 0 Drops, 1 Drop and 2 Drop, these range comes with a tilt headpiece and you can have the option of a Drop Headpiece.  These tables are for the budget conscious purchaser.  please note these tables have limited functions compared to the Total Drop Range.
  2. Omni Stationary Total Drop Non-Variable Height Table. The standard heights available are:  50cm, 55cm and 60cm.  We can do a 45cm start height please call to discuss.
  3. Omni Elevation Total Drop Table with all the variable positioning heights which suits doctors and patient of all sizes. It provides the extra level of versatility needed in a multi doctor practice.
  4. Air-Drop Table which has a Pneumatic lift unit. It can come with in a Stationary or an Elevation column. The air compressor is purchased separately. This compressor can operate up to 4 tables at one time.
  5. Flexion-Distraction Table Our Flexion-Distraction Tables is really 2 tables in one.  you have all the benefits of a Total Drop Table plus the added services you can offer your clients such as Flexion-Distraction and Long Axis Distraction.  It can come with in a Stationary or an Elevation column.


Omni Chiropractic Tables are built 100% in house. This allows us to oversee the entire construction process and to maintain the highest level of quality control. Each table is cut, welded and finished without any castings which produces a table of the most solid construction.

Sure, it is cheaper, quicker and therefore more cost effective to use pre-made castings in the manufacturing process, but by utilizing CNC for cutting and welding we provide you with, what we believe is, the strongest, most durable chiropractic table available… and that’s why we can confidently offer a lifetime structural guarantee on your Omni Table investment.

Omni Chiropractic Tables weigh in at about 150kgs and this is due mostly to the high quality, 6mm thick steel used in the frame construction. This steel is thicker than usual which means there is less chance of failure or fatigue to the frame and structure.

Rather than using ordinary foam, the Omni Table incorporates a dual density system of foam for the table tops. The bottom layer is a high density rebond foam which is 50mm thick. On top of this we place another layer of 25mm softer foam.

The rebond foam is the best material you can use for a chiropractic table. This higher density foam lasts longer and has less chance of wear patterns occurring in the table. It is one of the more expensive foams in the market.

The top layer poly foam provides better comfort for the patient. It feels softer and moulds to the patient and does not compromise the drop piece adjusting. The Patient does not slide on the vinyl top as the softer foam holds them in place.

Elevation Column

Omni Tables offer the triple column lift. Most other brands are a double column. With the triple column lift, more of the shaft is left in the column which results in a more sturdy and stable working platform and a chiropractic table with a longer working life.

Elevation Engines

No expense is spared in the construction of our motors. Aluminium casing is cut from one solid block of aluminium and not welded and cast like others in the marketplace. It runs with a much cooler duty cycle and therefore reduces the heat which can damage electrical components in a cheaper motor. Our motors are costlier to produce, but the result is one of the strongest and most reliable products on the market.


There are 3 grades of vinyl in the marketplace consumer, commercial, and industrial.
The consumer grade has an abrasion resistance of 15,000. Office use is around 35,000, public transport is around 40,000 .
The commercial grade has a rub cycle of 60,000-80,000 and is found in Theatres, Restaurants and most retail settings.
Finally, there is the industrial standard with a Martindale rub cycle more than 120,000. You will find this in Trains, Planes, and high-end consumer uses. This is the grade which is selected for our Omni Table range.  The flexing resistance of the Stamskin Top range is 400,000

Martindale is a unit for quantifying the abrasion resistance of textiles, especially when used for upholstery. The Martindale method, also known as the Martindale rub test, simulates natural wear of a seat cover, in which the textile sample is rubbed against a standard abrasive surface with a specified force.) Determination of resistance to damage by flexing PDF




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