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Chiropractic Table Options

Table Height

The height of our chiropractic tables is measured from the floor to the top of the table.

If you decide to choose one of Omni Tables stationary height tables it is important that you select the table based on your height or the height of your knees. You also need to consider your individual body type. ie. if you have a slightly stockier build it can be more difficult to bend over your patients when positioning or adjusting them. This will also differ if you have taller colleagues.

If you cannot decide on the “ideal” height for your table, a variable height table may be best to meet your needs.

All non-variable height Omni Tables can be ordered in heights ranging from 45cm – 60cm (the standard height being 50cm)

There are also height adjustable feet on all the tables which allow you to raise them an additional 5cm from the heights of the tables listed.

Elevation Table (Variable height adjustable tables)

These tables range from 46 to 76 Cm or 53 to 84 Cm in height plus the 5 cm for the adjustable feet

Air drops

These tables come with all associate tubing to operate the drop sections. Please ensure you confirm the distance from the air compressor to the chiropractic tables for adequate tubing to be supplied. The air compressor is purchased separately. This compressor can operate up to 4 tables at one time.

Still not sure?..

If you require help selecting the right chiropractic table for you, please feel free to contact us today.

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