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How Omni Chiropractic TablesBenefit the Doctor

chiropractor with patientThe Omni Table is designed to make things less stressful for the doctor. It allows the doctor to be able to Pre-stress the body before using the drop sections and putting the patient’s body into motion. It also allows the doctor to use leverage to get better adjustment.

The Omni Chiropractic Table is a narrower table to allow the doctor to get closer to the patient midline. Once you are aware of the full potential of the Omni Table your head will spin with the possibilities this means for your patients.

By elevating the pelvic section it allows the patient’s body to fall into a more natural position rather than a unnatural position from their body mass and a flat table.

The Omni Table head piece is a piece of art in itself and the possibilities it provides are many. It has a true toggle drop section and forward drop function by repositioning and extending the head piece forward which will give a different line of drive. It also rotates and translates laterally, flexes and extends effectively. Not only that. The Omni Table is also built to last for such a long time.

The head piece is also designed to handle extremity adjusting. The versatility of the headpiece allows it to cater for most extremity adjusting. It is a gentle extremity adjusting tool which will meet all your patients’ needs. The head piece is removable which makes it easy to move the table and get it into to tight spaces. The height adjustable head piece ranges from 175mm above the thoracic section to slightly lower than the thoracic section.

You can take the removable thoracic mid section away to create an extended face slot.This helps position some adults and is especially beneficial for children. The thoracic section can also be raised to reduce stress to the patient and the doctor for anterior thoracic adjustments. Therefore you do not have to lean as far over the patient resulting in less stress for all.

The foot piece extends and retracts to accommodate all patient heights.

The versatility and adaptability of our chiropractic tables allows the doctor to do mirror imaging adjusting without use of additional foam pads and blocks.

The Omni Table benefits you as a chiropractor. In addition, it will suit all techniques and is able to handle a myriad of needs – allowing you to offer your patients the best possible corrective care.

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