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25 April

Are your Patients getting on and off a table correctly?

Are your Thoracic pads (triangle piece)  wearing out before the other pads of the table?  The main cause of this…

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25 April

Save dollars. Save Yourself.

Stop voiding your upholstery warranty, and start using the best product for your Omni Table vinyl. This one simple step…

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26 November

What is the Best Omni Table Height for you?

Best Omni Table Height, raising and lowering a table. This can be a subjective answer because of the varying morphology…

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14 July

7 Key Points when Buying a New Chiropractic Table

Having the right tools means you can do your best work.  It is important that a chiropractic table does not…

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7 July

Should I Air Freight or Sea Freight?

We at Omni Tables Australia assist our international clients in receiving one of our tables from Australia to your country. …

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30 June

Do you Need an Omni Air-Drop Table?

Having an Air-Drop Table is an amazing benefit for a practitioner.    It is quicker, easier on the Chiropractor and will…

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23 June

Replace vs Recover your Table Pads?

To guide you on why we recommend replacing a full set of pads rather than recovering one, two or more,…

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18 June

How to make your Omni Table Quieter

When you own the Australian Omni Table you will discover that it is much quieter than the American manufactured Omni…

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12 June

Are You Using Your New Drop Piece Correctly? – 2023 – Updated

An ever-increasing number of chiropractors are adopting Drop Piece mechanism (DPM) as an option for adjusting their clients. Unfortunately, a…

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29 August


Types of Omni Tables for You The Omni Table range offers a variety of chiropractic adjusting tables that can suit…

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